German born, French-based actress Uta Taeger released one single in 1969, 'Hier, aujourd'hui, demain' (Yesterday, today, tomorrow) backed with the fuzzed-out 'Baudelaire'. Here she performs the A-side, a cover of The Shangri-Las' 'Past, Present, And Future', on the TV special Barcarolles à Barcarès, which aired on August 30th, 1969. The entire show is filmed on a boat in the title location because... well, why not? The French love wordplay so much, I would not put it past them to have conceived of this simply to pair the words Barcarolles and Barcarès. Poor Uta looks like she might blow away, but remains elegant.

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  • fran  
    hi, I hadn't come here for a while! Very glad you have resumed your blog! Well, for some odd reason I can't comment the new entry... that one about The New Not-so-ingenue Magazine ;) Anyway, I just wanted to greet and congratulate you for your return... Sure I also will return from time to time... (Although I will try to be quieter, at least until I get a decent English) :)
    • Christine  
      Read on twitter: spikedcandy
      Hi Fran! Thank you for your very kind comment. I love getting comments, so please feel free to leave one any time - your English is great!

      And thank you for letting me know about the comment issue on the new post. I think there is a clash with a plugin I added, I'll try to fix it now.

      Edit: Should be working now.
  • mordi  
    words cannot describe how happy i am to see this. it works perfectly.

    love the shangs version too

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