January 2021
best of 2020
December 2020
more 60s girls in international xmas!
close your eyes, listen to the skies
a girl called eddy - love actually
un cadeau de noël pour vous
October 2020
peur du noir
strange shadows call...
autumn rendez-vous
September 2020
evelyn, belgian pop martian
in my beautiful balloon
January 2020
best of 2019 (+ bonus: best of 2018!)
December 2019
psychedelic lights of christmas
October 2019
a curse on you
March 2018
chansons pour que tu l'aimes un peu
france gall photos, 1964-1971
February 2018
2017: further explorations
2017: a musical odyssey (part two)
2017: a musical odyssey (part one)
douce france
December 2017
coming up roses
and off we go
60s girls in international xmas!
noël à deux
christmas oddballs
adieu, johnny
October 2017
love spells
je suis une idole dorée
September 2017
guest mix: the galaxy electric
June 2017
uta, part two: psychedelic poetry
May 2017
boum badaboum !
February 2017
françoise hardy's hit parade, 1966
sounds of 2016
December 2016
noël des copains
noël à vaugirard
November 2016
electric moon upon the water
la résistance
that's no way to say goodbye
October 2016
blood red rose
1971 : l'aventure
September 2016
jacques dutronc and friends on swiss 60s tv
August 2016
60s french pop finds in the rts archives
July 2016
from 1974: 50 albums you can't live without
uta, part one
quatrième dimension
c'est extrêmement pop
stings so good
lake ruth
the things we do when we're together
June 2016
el río de la luna
allez, venez, milord
rien qu'une photo
about the archives
only sleeping
April 2009
candy break
May 2008
the case of the two zoes
shake, baby, shake
December 2007
a very yé-yé christmas
spiked candy canes 3
spiked tradition
stocking stuffers
noël avec les yéyés
groovy yule: spiked candy canes radio
séverine is comin' to town
festive filles
twice as nice
lucky this christmas
November 2007
let's swing again
October 2007
treats, no tricks
swing, mademoiselle
candy, i can't let you go
July 2007
party like it's 1789
jugobeat girls
jany, elle est chouette
June 2007
party girl
May 2007
mimi and mädchen
April 2007
the elusive mademoiselle kelly
March 2007
soyons sages
January 2007
fool on the hill
bustin' out
elles ont le truc
heart of glas
le tourbillon de la vie
french fuzz
beat italiano
kati kovács
long long time
December 2006
adım çapkın kız
spend christmas with some lovely ladies
things fall apart
christmas with serge and chantal
anorak christmas
christmas blogging round-up
cécilia et ses ennuis
look at frosty go-go
November 2006
france gall early 70s
noël avec sheila
especially for us
je chasse le neige
christmas a go-go
soledad miranda
a different france
christine lebail
she's got a ticket de quai
heart and soul
a special tweat
fame and fortune
October 2006
happy halloween
September 2006
if you are what you love...
can't stop at one
lollipops and bananas
August 2006
oops, guess i haven't posted in a while...
July 2006
music to watch girls by: part 2
music to watch girls by: part 1
strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring
June 2006
the adam's boys
feeling loopy loopy
cuatro sudamericanos
cast away the clouds
sweet georgie fame
bébé pop
a new coat of paint
May 2006
hiatus #62801
some girls never settle down
tombe comme l'amour
grant mclennan tributes
roll-roll-roll rollergirl
et jacques et jacques et jacques
is it really a spiked candy post?!
April 2006
ça suffit pour changer la vie
why did you change?
March 2006
jarvis covers serge...
clothilde en italien
bargain alert
minimum chips
February 2006
you know the deal...
youtube madness
January 2006
pop the question
n'ai pas peur
sur la plage abandonnée...
take it off
let's talk in bubbles
December 2005
your wish is spiked candy's command
bella france
si elles chantent
spiked candy canes part 2
spiked candy canes part 1
christmas double
père noël tells me you've all been nice this year
christmas in april
for the xmas blues
cherry blossom girl
may all your christmases be twee
a spiked xmas
mistletoe and wine
special guest post
the ghosts
blossom dearie
équipe 79
au revoir, poupée
November 2005
christine delaroche
is het waar, my love?
i'm on the stereo, stereo-o
ach ach liebling
elle fait non non non non (part 2)
she's a tigerrrr
take two
it's true
best hate song ever
things i wish i'd posted in time for halloween...
je connais une fille...
October 2005
elle fait non non non non (part 1)
arrogant? rightly so!
past poupées
euro-madness part 2: serge gainsbourg
and the europop makes me dizzy
hey toni, you're so fine!
nederbeat girls
heaven in his arms
we are young and easily led
beware... of his promise
je suis la roller girl
un prince charmant sur un cheval blanc
September 2005
girl group power
féminin, féminin
his 'n' hers
baby birkin
venez danser tous le locomotion, oh oui
you know it's time for us to go...
some questions...
lady genevieve
August 2005
short break in transmission...
más, más, más
jolie bébé requin
hey miki! a double double-up
more quebecoises
jacqueline taïeb
and the beat goes on...
la de freakin' da
linda yamamoto
attack of the drone-voiced ladies
July 2005
émilie simon
indiepop mp3s
he loves you every now and then
italians do it better.
weather report
vroom vroom
trop belle
double the fun
france gall, day 7
france gall, day 6
france gall, day 5
france gall, day 4
france gall, day 3
france gall, day 2
france gall, day 1
tokyo bossa nova
aussie '90s triple
doll of sound
anti yé-yé
swingin' señoritas
new ladytron
relaxing on a sunday
midnight movies
france in german
June 2005
best of the web
yé-yé, venezuelan style
ich will lieber einen mann
the shortwave set
lauren caught my eye
token males
can't get you out of my head
flower children
break out the 'ludes and have a ball
yé-yé heaven
kicking things off with a bang