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Note: Due to their ongoing rights abuses and unconscionable practices, I have decided to remove Amazon from the search engines.

The purpose of this page is to provide ways for music lovers to source items from retailers all around the world. Now it can double as a way to find alternatives to shopping at Amazon, which I know is something many are increasingly looking for.

About This Page

The search boxes above each use a different Google Custom Search Engine I've put together that searches a set of selected sites. Use the first is to find physical music releases; the second to find digital music to buy; and the third to find music on streaming services. 

Once on the results landing page, use the tabbed headings to refine the search by a particular site or category.

Music Store Search (CDs & Vinyl) results
Results for a search on the CD & Vinyl custom search, refined by 'Independent Stores'.

Music Stores (CD & Vinyl)

This searches a number of music stores around the world, including independent record stores and labels, as well as large companies like Amazon. I've selected the stores based on their having a good availability of the type of music I post here, fair prices and mostly good international shipping rates.

Click to see a list of all the stores included in the search engine.

Music Stores (Digital)

This searches some well-known and lesser-known stores selling digital music in various formats. Try the 'Lossless' tab to find high quality digital music.

Streaming Services

This searches a selection of services that let you stream music on demand. All have a free tier or free trial available.

Using The Music Search Buttons On The Blog

Next to many of the songs posted on this blog, you'll find one or more icons. When you click one of these, you'll be taken to search results for:

  •  – the album in Music Store Search (CDs & Vinyl)
  •  – the song in Music Store Search (Digital); or
  •  – the song in Streaming Music Search.

I've included this feature, rather than just a link to a single store, to make it easier to seek out and support the music you find here – even on older posts. My hope is this is helpful to readers as well as artists and labels. I use these search engines a lot myself, and find them very useful for tracking down hard-to-find music, and for making it easier to compare prices across different retailers. If you have any feedback on this feature, or a site/store you'd like me to add to one of the search engines, please let me know.