I've been obsessed with hunting down every enjoyable Christmas song (and some winter and December-themed ones) I can find on Last.fm, and as a result, Spiked Candy Canes Radio is now more than three times the size it was last year!

Click here to play it in a pop-up window, or here to play it in your last.fm player (get the player here).

What has gone into the Spiked Candy Canes mix? Generous handfuls each of twee pop, Phil Spector, A Charlie Brown Christmas, 60s pop, crooners, soul, Japanese ukulele girls and Doris Day; a dash of jazz and a splash of glam rock; a sprinkling of country, and a, uh, tiny pinch of Tiny Tim. Sneak a peek at the track list here.

Stay tuned... more Christmas posts still to come!

(Pic of 'Les' Beach Boys from Jukebox mag).

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