Lake Ruth - Actual Entity

Actual Entity is the lovely debut album from Lake Ruth, a New York City-based band comprising members of The New Lines, Holy Fuck and The Eighteenth Day Of May. I mentioned in the Cat's Eyes post the influence of Broadcast and here it is again; Broadcast remain quietly influential on some of the best music coming out today. Lake Ruth are similarly adept at combining a 60s pop sensibility with unsettling, challenging elements. They not only channel Broadcast but their predecessors like The United States Of America. Just as the voices of Trish Keenan and Dorothy Moskowitz offer a comforting presence that guides the listener through the maelstrom of sounds on those band's releases, so do Allison Brice's poised, serene vocals on this album. 

It's hard to pick a song to feature in this post, as every track is beautifully crafted and has something different to offer. There's the irresistibly melancholy refrain of 'The Only One Who Knows', the dark folk of their take on the traditional 'One Night As I Lay On My Bed', reminiscent of the likes of Sandy Denny, and the gentle groove of 'Cabin Fever', which reminds me a little of another amazing band, The Soundcarriers. But I went with 'The Timekeeper's Lament', as I love the combination of the heavy organ riff and the bell-like clarity of Allison's voice.

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