All media is copyright its respective owners. If you are the owner of any media you find here and wish to have it removed, credited differently or rehosted, please use the contact form. It would be appreciated if you could read the following and take it into consideration before you do.

Spiked Candy's aim is to expose readers to music they may otherwise not hear, from less explored corners of the musical world. There is no profit made from anything posted here - this site has no source of income or rewards, in the form of ads, affiliate links or anything else, and in fact incurs costs to run. To the best of my knowledge, nothing presented here represents a loss of income for its owners, and in fact the work put in may help generate income for owners.

Streaming media made available by artists and labels is favoured and, where available, music and videos are streamed from such a source (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube).

For rarer music and videos, a copy of the song is hosted and streamed directly from this site. Self-hosted songs are presented in a lossy format, at a lower bitrate than is available to buy.

I am currently moving to a model where if, commercially available at all, the songs will only be hosted on royalty paying sites (Youtube, JustHearIt).

Most of the videos are embedded from Youtube (or occasionally Dailymotion) into a custom player. Music playlists are hosted on royalty-paying sites (8tracks, Mixcloud, JustHearIt). Any takedown requests for videos or playlist should be directed to the hosting sites.

I have incorporated a feature that I believe can greatly facilitate readers to contribute to the artists and labels behind the music they find on this blog. Every song posted that is available to buy is accompanied by links to search digital music stores and/or CD/LP stores. I have created Google custom search engines that are populated with many music stores from around the world. Additionally, a link is provided to search a number of streaming services for every song that is available to stream commercially.

I do not make in-print music available to download, and do not link to other sources that do. If any links are found that violate this policy, please report them here.