Spiked Candy is a music blog that originally ran from 2005-2008, and has started up again in 2016. The loose theme of this blog is unusual and lesser known pop music. I am fascinated with songs that are catchy and accessible, essentially making them pop, but which have deeper layers that offset this immediacy and make them more rewarding on each listen. I'm particularly drawn to pop with a psychedelic, experimental or avant-garde bent, more heavily focusing on this style since the the blog relaunch.

I have a special interest in 60s French pop music, particularly post-yé-yé, an era of superb original songwriting and interesting pop experimentation. There are not only countless lost gems from 1960s France I enjoy sharing, but also a scarcity of reliable information in English that I hope to help remedy.

I also love other international 60s music, finding it endlessly intriguing to hear the unique hybrids produced in various countries as the global phenomenon of rock music hit their shores.

This blog tends to lean toward featuring female artists, for no particular reason other than I'm drawn to seek them out more. I love finding unusual and inspiring female artists from all eras, whether they are underappreciated songwriters or simply, in some small way, defy what we normally think of as the role for women in music's history.

My favourite artist is Broadcast, and I find an especially fun rabbit hole to travel down is exploring the rich tapestry of music that influenced Broadcast, as well as today's artists that continue to be influenced by Broadcast's music and tastes.

Other things I like that you may find on here include vintage pop of various eras, garage rock, indie pop, vintage film soundtracks and early electronica. And for all the complicated, strange music to which I'm drawn, I find often nothing beats a big, catchy, simple pop tune. I love finding stuff that sounds like it could be a pop hit in an alternate universe.

Spiked Candy is an ad-free blog, with no affiliate links or any other sources of payment or rewards. (Ads may play in some videos embedded from external sources, but these in no way benefit me).

If using any content from this site, please attribute and link back. Please do not republish full posts without permission and if using any part of the written content, please quote clearly and cite this blog as the source.

I don't link to blogs that contain plagiarised written material or that make in-print albums available to download.  Please use the contact form to let me know if you find any links that go against this policy. 

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