I've started uploading some of my France Gall video collection to YouTube. Check my video page regularly, as I'm adding more each day. I'll put some up on this blog eventually, so please don't ask me to send out any of the videos individually (unless you have something pretty darn good to trade).

Up in the 'Poupées De Son' corner, I've added a Yousendit link for the video of her reprise performance at Eurovision 1965. This is a different clip to the one I've seen pop up on blogs before, which is her first performance of the evening. It also has some footage of France and Serge accepting their prize, with English commentary.

Please let me know what you think of some of these!

More France Gall videos here.

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  • Christine  
    please give these the high ratings they deserve, to balance out the random slobs that are coming across these, apparently going 'what's this shit?' and giving them 1 star
  • Bruno  
    Wowie zowie Christine!Thanks so much for sharing these! :)
  • Bruno  
    Hi Christine,the link in the poupée de son corner doesn't seem to work for me,but if I copy the link location and edit it to the bare yousendit link it works!
  • Davecat  
    Egad, 'Frankenstein' and 'Computer Nr.3'?? I am happy. :-)
  • Baz  
    Hi Christine! Huge thanks for these... can't get enough of France Gall! Am still discovering her work thanks to this and a couple of other blogs because she never had any hits in Britain... criminal, but there you go...
    Love it! Keep up the great work! BAZ
  • Christine  
    No problem, everyone! More to come...

    Baz, thanks for the mention on your blog.

    It's hard to imagine France having any hits in the UK or US. Part of what fascinates me about French retro culture is that songs like France Gall's, which have elements that probably would have seemed unpalatable to an Anglo-American public, were able to achieve such popularity there.
  • winthrop  
    very nice of you to do this, thank you
  • Diegucho  
    Muchas gracias!!! el video está espectacular!!!

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