Some requests:

  1. Anna Karina - Pistolet Jo
  2. Anna Karina - Sous le soleil exactement

'Pistolet Jo' is another track written by Serge Gainsbourg for the TV movie Anna, which I keep getting different dates for, but it seems to be from 1967 or 1966. This is a bit of a novelty track and not my favourite, so I thought I'd also post Anna's extraordinary version of 'Sous le soleil exactement', also by Gainsbourg and from the Anna soundtrack.

Anna Karina I managed to track down two places that sell this movie on DVD (both apparently bootlegs, with no subtitles): Amazon Japan (cover pic below left) and 5 Minutes To Live (cover below right). Although it doesn't seem to be in stock on 5 Minutes anymore. Here's what the back of the 5 Minutes release says:

Released in 1966, this was the first color film ever made for French TV. Starring Anna Karina (of Godard film fame), Marianne Faithfull (who sings one song) & Serge Gainsbourg (who also wrote the amazing music), Anna is a bizarre pop art/comedy/musical filled with vibrant colors strange, hallucinatory scenes and some of the best songs Serge ever wrote. The story is about a man obsessively looking for a woman he saw in a photograph. A truly charming and entertaing movie that any Gainsbourg fan should own.

Doesn't it look and sound like it would be amazing?

Anna DVDAnna DVD
Catherine Ribeiro - Rien n'y fait, rien n'y fera (1966)

Catherine Ribeiro From The Yé-Yé Girls Website:

Great French singer and strong personality. She started her career acting in a Jean Luc Godard's movie 'Les Carabiniers' [pictured below].

In 1966, she recorded two singles for Barclay, covering Bob Dylan's 'It's All Over Baby Blue'. Then she came back in 1969 with a new band: 2bis, who became Alpes on their next album. They recorded original improvised rock music, played with home made electric instruments. Wild and strange. They made many albums. Catherine is still singing today, mostly classic 20th century French songs, with her beautiful and unique voice.
Les Carabiniers

Links: Catherine's Official Site - be sure to visit the photo gallery, there are some fantastic 60s photos of her and her above-mentioned bands.

Brigitte Fontaine & Areski - Les Étoiles et les cochons (1975)

From Brigitte's RFI Musique bio:

Shortly after the release of the album "Brigitte Fontaine est folle", Higelin introduced Fontaine to a musician friend of his whom he had met in the army. Areski Belkacem (an Algerian of Kabyl origin who had been born in France) became a close friend of Fontaine's and the pair soon began working together. Fontaine and Belkacem went on to fuse the rhythms and melodies of Arab music with elements of French chanson, creating an innovative repertoire which would pave the way for the modern concept of world music.
The Eyes - My Degeneration (1966)

From The British Beat Boom:

One of the "Mod" groups who emerged in the wake of The Who and The Small Faces, they would appear on stage using sound-effect tapes (crashes, bells etc.), large amounts of feedback and wearing custom-tailored Pop Art T-shirts portraying their faces printed within a huge eye.

Read more about The Eyes on Ready Steady Go.

Buy: The Eyes - The Complete Recordings.

I've had a request to repost the France Gall videos I've previously posted, but I'm going to wait until I can copy some better quality versions of them. I should have them up early in the new year!

A very Happy New Year to all of you from Spiked Candy!

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  • paul  
    Thanks so much for everything!! You are the best! You're a smasher!! All hail spikedcandy!! Have a great New Year's Day! Thanks again. Merci, Paul
  • mark  
    I can see you`ve been very busy- fine music, thank you!
  • skunkeye  
    It is kind of you to honor requests - thank yo ufor your enjoyable site. The Anna OST is one of my favorites - I recommend listening to it on an empty Atlantic beach! Anna Karina, while doing the press junket for Demme's The truth About charlie (in which she appears as a cabaret singer) mentioned a new album in the works. I hope this materializes! Her Katerine collaboration from a few years back, Une Histoire de L'Amour, was quite solid. and I especially enjoyed the revisitation of Jamais Je Ne T'ai Dit Que Je T'aimerais Toujours, Oh Mon Amour.
  • Mister Blog  
    Hmm what a nice way to begin 2006, best wishes miss.
  • Nico  
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful songs you have shared! I love them all! About the Marlene Paul track from 'Spiked Candy Canes 5' it seems to be ok, 2:14 and doesn't sound cut off. Unfortunately it's not the same with the "Poupées De Son!"-track "Leo Dan - Muneca De Cera". I've tried to dowload it twice and it's only 22 seconds long. :'( It would be great if you would care to upload it again. Have a great 2006!
  • ion  
    I'm a bit late, but I just wanted to thank you for that excellent track by the Eyes. Great song, though it sounded a bit familiar ;) Did you know they changed their name to the Pupils when they recorded an album of Rolling Stones covers? Clever kids.

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