Chorus Reverendus

The marvellous BlowUpDoll currently has a track posted from the outstanding yé-yé chick Clothilde. Out of curiosity, I looked up her discography on The Yé-Yé Girls Website, and found out the man behind her music, Germinal Tenas is also responsible for some other brilliant French 60s pop tracks. Here's one from his own band, Chorus Reverendus - a transcendently gorgeous track entitled 'Ne Poussez Pas Mémé Dans Les Orties'. Don't you love it when things that you love individually turn out to be related?


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  • mordi  
    you're right- it's brilliant.
    You'll have to do some more research and find out what other top tunes he did.

    ace blog! and i'll link to you too.

    keep up the good work, and thanks for letting me know!

  • Don  
    You have a nice MP3 blog, focusing on some songs I haven't seen in a lot of the indie MP3 blogs. (songs in French!) Please check out my blog at I'm putting you up as a link on mine. Thanks for the music, Don.
  • niandi  
    I think you may still be able to get copies of the Ultra Chicks series at

    absolutely essential
  • Christine  
    It's so hard to find anything on these obscure french artists, mordi. I swear one day I am going to learn French properly (so I keep saying), and try to find out more about all these great 60s artists. It's hard to even find much on France Gall in English.

    Don - thanks heaps, I'm just downloading the Positions' track from you blog right now, sounds like something I would like.
  • Christine  
    oh, and thanks for the tip niandi!

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