Twinkle - Golden Lights coverChantal Goya - Pense pas trop cover
Twinkle - Golden Lights (1965)
Chantal Goya - Dans la nuit (1966)

Forget The Smiths' version of 'Golden Lights' - it's not a patch on Twinkle's original or Chantal Goya's charming French cover. It's extraordinary to realise Twinkle was still a teen when she wrote this quietly genius piece of pop, and that her fame wasn't more than fleeting. Perhaps she was ahead of her time. The song manages to be biting, sincere, poignant and simply gorgeous. Twinkle had been dating a member of The Bachelors, but I can't find confirmation on whether or not he's the subject of the song.

*Edit - yep, it is about the Bachelors guy! And Twinkle was only 14 when she dated him, but he was not aware.

And thanks to Heather for pointing out the Chantal Goya cover, I forgot to mention!

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  • ion  
    Glad to see you back! I was getting tired of seeing the Hi-Posi woman with the funny hat everytime I checked in The Twinkle song is a classic (for the longest time I thought it was a Morrissey original), and I really enjoyed Goya's charming version as well. You need to post Cilla Black's "Work Is a Four Letter Word" next to continue the songs the Smiths covered theme
  • Davecat  
    Its impossible for me to forget the Smiths version, but the original and Chantal's versions are equally good. And ion's right; you should get the original 'Work is a four-letter word' posted as well!
  • Sofie  
    Cute songs! Thanks!
  • mark  
    It`s a great song but I have to say on the celebrity boyfriend stakes a Bachelor is a dismally poor substitute for a Rolling Stone....
  • modcentric  
    i never realised that the Smiths' version was a cover. thanks for posting these.
  • mordi  
    so how come you're taking a break from blogging? Are you feeling exhausted? I hope you wont be gone away too long- you'll be missed.

    BTW- I'm asking REALLY nicely for some France Gall 70's tunes!! You going to help me out before your break? Pretty please?!!!

    Mordi @blowupdoll
  • adam_alligator  
    Hey SpikedCandy (your name is Christine, ne? :\)

    Just wanted to pop in and stress how much joy your blog and the songs within have given me over the past 6 months or so. I really, truly mean that. Browsing the internet would be unbearable without your input to my winamp library. I really appreciate it.
    Not too fond of this Twinkle song, but it's one of only a handful that I haven't enjoyed that have come with your recommendation on this page.

    Keep up the good work! You are fantastic! Ever Greatful, Adam. xox
  • Christine  
    thanks Adam, that's so kind. :)

    Yeah Mordi, it's exhausting me getting these entries up and it's frustrating I can't do them in a way that gives me personal satisfaction. Like I'd really like to research each artist and put a good bio up but it's too tiring. If I could really get something out of writing an entry or if there was more interaction from readers it would be more rewarding. I've met lots of great people through here and that I chat to about music and I'm getting more out of that right now, and just don't have the energy to keep up with that or to explore new music when I try to blog. I'll put up '5 minutes de l'amour' and a related treat just for you though...
  • kara mae  
    man I'm loving Twinkle lately
  • cathy  
    Man, I love Twinkle! The GOLDEN LIGHTS cd has some great 70s tunes from her as well. xoxo
  • Christine  
    I love her too, she's so great . The Smiths cover is ok, but this sounds so much more exciting to me coming from a young girl in the 60s. The arrangement is gorgeous and it's such a different melody, I love it. I love how she sings 'oh my darling, why did you change' in a really touching way, and then toward the end it sounds quite bitter.
  • Paris, Paris  
    Goya's version is very pleasant. Dans la nuit, j'entends une voix...

    She's very popular in France !

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