From the depths of the bargain bin, today's tracks are from a gem of a soundtrack to a film called Splendor, which I'd never heard of and still haven't seen. Not sure I want to, it looks like it might be a bit lame - oh, who am I kidding, as if I don't have a secret penchant for films starring 90210 alum.

Suede - The Chemistry Between Us (Lionrock Mix) (1999)

One of a few remixes on the CD especially commissioned for the film, and a truly stunning reworking. It's one of those rare remixes that, in my opinion, surpasses the original. Everything amazing about the song is amplified here, and this version highlights Brett Anderson's incredible vocal performance on the track. This is what I love about brilliantly-conceived pop; a simple, prosaic line like 'Class A, Class B' can sound like the most beautiful, poetic thing ever sung.

Lush - Sweetness and Light (The Orange Squash Mix) (1999)

Lush remixed by My Bloody Valentine. Splendor indeed.

Other highlights on the soundtrack:

Splendor OST coverBlur 'Beetlebum' (Moby's Mix): You wouldn't think a mix that simply takes the lines 'Nothing is wrong/ She turns me on' and repeats it over and over would be as affecting as this. Taking that one languidly erotic moment of the song and exquisitely drawing it out feels like it creates an alluring secret cove you don't want to leave. I'm surprised at how much I like this, as I'm not normally a big fan of Moby, although I will say the rapping bit is naff.

Slowdive 'Shine' (Splendiferous Locust Mix): The soundtrack has a few lovely shoegaze remixes, on each of which the subtle electro reworking brings out something crisper and clearer from the beautiful mess.


Sigh - why does every compilation I own from this era seem to start with a Fatboy Slim song? 

If you know of any good online photo galleries for Suede, Lush or Pulp, please let me know. Most fansite links are dead, and searching for photos of bands with common words as their name is a real pain.

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  • rebecca  
    great lush to my ears! bravo...

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