France Gall - Un Prince Charmant (Japanese Sleeve)
France Gall - Yume ni mita ojisama (Un Prince Charmant - Japanese Version) (1966)

Many thanks to reader Gerry for sending me a copy of this. I've ordered the CD compilation this is on, but it seems to be missing in transit [Update 2016: I am pretty sure this has been 'temporarily' out of stock since I wrote this post]. By the way, that sleeve was for the Japanese release of the French version of 'Un Prince Charmant' - so unfortunately there's no Japanese version of 'Baby Pop'.


A four-page magazine spread from a 1969 issue of French magazine Mademoiselle Age Tendre. French-speaking readers: does this say she had her own make-up line? *faints*

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  • Guuzbourg  
    As I understand it, France is giving beauty-lessons (lecon de beauté), or tips, how to apply make-up and how to make best use out it. There's no talk about a FG-make up line - although I think she shoud've had one.
    • Christine  
      I thought the first sentence said she had her own brand, and I just looked up the words I didn't understand and I'm pretty sure it does.
      "Depuis qu'elle possede sa propre marque de produits de beaute, France Gall est devenue tres experte dans l'art de se maquiller."
      Is this correct? 'Since she's had her own brand of beauty products, France Gall has become an expert in the art of make-up (application).'
      Also, notice one of the products is in the shade 'Bebe Requin'.
      • Guuzbourg  
        I think you're right, SC, I missed that first sentence.
  • Davecat  
    French, German, Japanese - are there any languages that Mme.Gall doesn't know?? Now I want to go back in time and marry her..
  • Christine  
    Cheers, guuzbourg, and thanks to reader Pierre for emailing me and letting me know this was correct.
    Davecat, make room in your time machine for me; I belong in a world where there's a France Gall beauty line, not a world with Jessica Simpson edible beauty products.
    How great is that packaging for the products? I make my own cosmetics, and that look is very inspiring, should I ever decide to get mine manufactured and sell them. I could name the colours after ye-ye girls' songs!
  • ion  
    Thanks for this special treat! Ms. Gall could sing in any language and I'd still swoon at her feet. I'm pleased that you were able to use the Die Moulinettes song. It's an honor to contribute to one of my favorite blogs.
    • Christine  
      thank you ion - it's an honour to have readers like you!

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