Adèle - J'ai peur parfois

No need to be sad the France Gall songs are gone, here's two more spirited French ladies to cheer you up. Well, not exactly true, given the melancholy (though resolute) stylings of these two tracks. But there are, of course, inordinate pleasure to be experienced being lulled into the contentedly sad beauty these songs convey.

Who is Adèle? Good question. Killer song, is all I know.

Françoise Hardy - Je ne suis là pour personne

Have had a few requests for Françoise songs, and here you go - as promised for today. BlowUpDoll also has a Françoise song posted at the moment (and the incredible Marie Laforêt). I've gone on before about how melody makes or breaks my choices in music, and listening to Françoise recently, I was thinking about what a genius she is when it comes to melody. I think some of her songs sound deceptively simple. But in a lot of her (best) material, there's quite a subtle momentum there melodically - quite an energy that drives these gentle songs. I feel this is overlooked when I read reviews of contemporary artists who are compared to Françoise simply because they write soft ballads with simple (sometimes bordering on monotonous) melodies, and it makes me a bit cranky. At the same time, it makes more acutely aware of how truly unique Françoise's talent is, and how inimitable her sophisticated blend of passion and serenity is.

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  • Gerry  
    Hey Christine ! Just heard Adèle... great song, but no comparison to France Gall, of course ! :-) Francoise Hardy is cool, too. I have some German singles, 3 LPs and a double CD with 50 songs from 1962 to 1967. Some of them are real gems and some sound a bit boring, in my opinion. In the 60s, my mother met her personally and even had autographed self-made photos from her ! Unfortunately, I have already sold all of those auto'd photos, many years ago...
    Take care ! Gerry
    • Christine  
      Your lucky mum. Did you keep any of the pictures for yourself?
      • Gerry  
        No, unfortunately not. But the pictures had a bad quality, anyway. Do you know any of her German songs ? Greetz: Gerry
  • IanB  
    Oh Francoise !! Be still my beating heart !!!
    Cheers IanB

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    Adèle - J'ai peur parfois (alternate version) A different version of the one I previously posted, with some nifty piano work. This version appeared on Swinging Mademoiselle Volume 2. I'm not sure of the origin of this version - if maybe two ...