There are plenty of Go-Betweens mp3s on the sites posted below for the uninitiated, or anyone whose CD collection has mysteriously whittled down over time. I do prefer the originals, but these covers are a little more in line with what I usually post:

Ivy - Streets Of Your Town (2002)
Souvenir - Spring Rain (2001)

To me, a sign of flawless pop is that it can stand up to various interpretations. Interesting to hear how easily these tracks lend themselves to this style - chic, gentle pop with femme vocals. My hope would be that, for those of you who would not normally be drawn to The Go-Betweens' style of music, hearing these could serve as a bridge to appreciating it. There is much prettiness to these, but to me, more beauty in the originals.

'Spring Rain' is actually a Robert Forster song, but I thought it would be nice to include Spanish band Souvenir's cover (in French), to show how far and wide love for them has spread over the years. And because I know you guys are suckers for the French stuff.

Buy: Souvenir - Points de Suspension: Shelflife Records, Jabalina Música, Bandcamp. The Go-Betweens - 16 Lovers Lane, Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express, 5 Album Set.

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