Oh well. Better late than never.

Check out the excellent Dr. Moshe's Medicinal Music for some superb rare 60s garage and psych tracks. The Halloween tracks are especially amazing, in particular the very cool 'Dracula Ye-Ye':

Dracula Ye-Ye
Andrés Pajares - Dracula ye-ye (1968)

Jarvis CockerAlso, if you haven't already done so, proceed here* immediately to listen to Jarvis Cocker hosting 6Music's Rocket Science last Saturday. Three hours of Jarvis in top form, playing a quality selection of Halloween-themed songs. Heaven. By the way, if you stop the stream, you can resume where you left off - in case you don't want to listen to it all in one chunk.

I'm sure you'll want to track some of these songs down after listening to this broadcast, so let me start you off:

R. Dean Taylor - There's A Ghost In My House (1967)

Edit: Let's all pretend we didn't see that gaff. I don't know what it is, but every time I've typed that today I've written the wrong name. I don't even like R Kelly. Very strange.

*Update: The show is long gone, but it turns out I saved it at the time (link):

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  • Scott Salsman  
    Could be because R. Kelly was mentioned a whole bunch in that radio broadcast. Anyway, whatever you typed, I didn't see it, so I still think you're the coolest. Looks like I am currently successfully downloading that show as a .ra file, thanks to the ideas on that website you showed me. I'll make sure you get a copy! I could kiss you, you know.
  • Bruno  
    Hi again,can't seem to be able to download that dracula yeye song?Any tips?
  • Christine  
    Bruno - when the megaupload page opens, the download button comes up where it says 'wait 45 seconds'. at some point a little ad comes up and covers that, and you have to close it before you can download.
    scott - excellent, i had no luck with that audacity program so i'd love a copy.
    • Christine  
      yeah it must have been because of the r kelly news on the broadcast. i did it again even after i wrote this (when i was labelling the file on my pc)! at least i didn't write richard dean anderson!
      could you let me know how to use hidownload to record that show?
      • Scott Salsman  
        Oh, it's easy, I've done it twice now, at work and at home. If you've downloaded and installed it from hidownload.com, it should automatically permeate your entire computer so that all you have to do is go back to that BBC 6 Music site, right-click on the show you want and choose "Download by HiDownload". It does the rest. It puts it in folder C://HiDownload. Good luck!
    • Bruno  
      Got it!Thanks!:)
  • greta  
    Oh dear god, I would slay my firstborn for Jarvis. Thank you for making my Friday night at home in front of the computer a little less tragic.
  • Christine  
    That is a bit drastic Greta, yet completely understandable. I've left a msg on your blog on the Joanna Newsom post, in case you haven't seen it.

    Thanks Scott. I didn't know about the right click option, and the instructions are in badly translated english (yet amusing). But as you know, I was able to use Replay Music and do it as an MP3 which I prefer anyway. If only I'd known you could do this the last time he was on the show!

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