The Shortwave Set - Is It Any Wonder? (The Debt Collection, 2005)
The Shortwave Set - Slingshot (The Debt Collection, 2005)

One of my favourite new bands. I just discovered, whilst searching for pictures, that another blog posted the exact same choice of songs recently. A great description of them; it really hits the nail on the head. Sorry for the unoriginality, but since I've already uploaded these and their files are down now, I'll still go ahead with my post. It was a happy accident though, because that's a great blog I had never come across before.

Some more songs can be streamed here [Update: Archived link to now defunct site. You can hear more Shortwave Set on Spotify or Rdio]. Try and get your hands on the stylish retro looking 10" of 'Is It Any Wonder?', if it's still around.

Unrelated, but I recommend somebody buy this (I already own a copy). It's a good buy, and has a few rarities on it like the Cléo song. [Update: I think the link was to this release].

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  • ion  
    Wow! These are both fantastic songs, especially "Wonder." I missed them when they were on Last Sound of Summer (I can only keep up with so many blogs!), so thanks for giving me a second chance to hear these two gems.

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