The Ghosts - Heartbreaker* (2005)

*Please note, this is mislabelled as 'Looking Right Back At Me' in Spotify and other services.

The Ghosts - Penny Falls EP If you listened to the Jarvis Cocker radio special I posted about a little while ago, you'd have heard a superb live set from The Ghosts. My fussy little ears were very impressed, so I wrote to ask where I could buy a CD, and Mathew was kind enough to send me a CD filled with 14 tracks that all blew me away.

Their sound has been described as "a magical contradiction where pared back strength and fragility go hand in hand echoing to the sounds of time-travelling children". Right. As always, I say - just listen to the song.

Some links

Buy the Penny Falls EP here or here. Both pages have a link to download the title track.
This is a very interesting read on Mathew Sawyer's art (as well as some more comprehensible comments about the music).
Keen music trainspotters may have realised Mathew has also been playing in the reformed Television Personalities.

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  • Greta Harrison  
    I noticed them on the Jarv-fest too. Rather striking sound.
    And can I just say you are doing some brilliant work on here. You have turned me onto some really, really lovely music. Thank you. (crawl.. gush.. etc)

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