100,000 hits celebration time!

From the 1968 TV Special, The Brigitte Bardot Show. The entire hour-long show can be found on the Divine B.B. DVD, with many other rare Bardot music videos.

April March - La Piscine Couverte (1999)

This is definitely a cover of 'La Madrague', right? I couldn't find a reference online to this being a cover, nor are the original songwriters credited. The lyrics are reworked and the melody is a bit different, but I think it's too close to the original to simply be a song that borrows heavily from it. Anyway, all that matters is it's very lovely and quite rare (only available on the Election soundtrack).

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  • mordi  
    totally the love the Bardot Show special- she is so groovy!
  • modcentric  
    wow congrats! =)
    thanks for posting the bardot video. i'm definitely eyeing that dvd.
  • ion  
    Yes, congratulations on reaching the 100,000 hits mark. You're obviously doing something right! ;) I'm sure I account for at least 100 of those. Hope we're both here when you reach one million.
  • bruno  
    hip hip! congratulations! :)
  • Christine  
    Thanks all :)
  • John Newman  
    The mpg video of Brigitte Bardot's La Madrague seems to have been removed? I am sorry I missed it. I would have loved downloading it. Can you put it back please? Even just for a little while? Please, please pretty please!
  • boris  
    what mr. newman said...and congratulations

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