Just a brief post to share some mixed versions of a pair of older playlists I made for Halloween in 2012, 'The Midnight Hour' and 'Strange Shadows'.

The first of the two was an attempt to evoke a kind of eerie, middle-of-the-night, alone-in-a-dark-house, semi-dreamlike feeling. The second one is more ominous, yet more punchy – a shorter, more fun companion to the former's journey of haunting beauty.

This is part of an effort I've been slowly making to give my old playlists a new home. I put a lot of effort and love into creating my playlists on there, but for years 8tracks has been stuck in a limbo of geo-restriction and royalties nightmares. Although the site recently returned after seemingly shuttering for good, it is still only accessible in limited countries and even then, many songs are not playable. Re-listening to some of my efforts there, I think they are worth preserving, so I'll continue to add mixed versions to Mixcloud.

Fun fact: both mix images are screenshots taken from the 1970s Rod Serling television series Night Gallery. 'The Midnight Hour' image is from the intro to 'The House', and 'Strange Shadows' is from a scene in 'Certain Shadows on the Wall'. You can watch this wonderful series for free here (I found that a VPN set to the USA works if you get the 'not available in your location' message).

For more of my earlier Halloween playlists and mixes, visit my playlists page.

The Midnight Hour

Mixcloud | View image | Duration: 1 hour 39 minutes


  1. Alain Goraguer - Mira et Terr (1973)French flag
  2. The Focus Group - Broohahja (2008)UK flag
  3. Still Corners - I Wrote in Blood (2011)USA flagUK flag
  4. Os Mutantes - Ave, Lúcifer (1970)Brazilian flag
  5. Camille Sauvage - Requiem Pour Satan (197?)French flag
  6. Pram - The Pawnbroker (2003)UK flag
  7. Paul Giovanni and Magnet - Lullaby (1973)UK flag
  8. Al Stewart - Turn Into Earth (1966)Scottish flag
  9. Julian's Treatment - Phantom City (1970)UK flag
  10. Emmanuelle Parrenin - Maison rose (1977)French flag
  11. White Noise - Your Hidden Dreams (1969)UK flagUSA flag
  12. Ennio Morricone - Piume di cristallo (alternate version) (1969)Italian flag
  13. Paul Parrish - Dialogue of Wind and Lover (1968)USA flag
  14. Nancy Priddy - Ebony Glass (1968)USA flag
  15. Broadcast - Pendulum (2003)UK flag
  16. Fifty Foot Hose - If Not This Time (1968)USA flag
  17. Henry Mancini - The Glass Menagerie (Main Title) (1987)USA flag
  18. Trees - The Garden Of Jane Delawney (1970)UK flag
  19. Marissa Nadler - Conjuring Spirit Worlds (2007)USA flag
  20. The Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs (1967)USA flag
  21. These Trails - Of Broken Links (1973)USA flag
  22. Bernard Herrmann - Twisted Nerve (Main Title) (1968)UK flagUSA flag
  23. Julee Cruise - Into The Night (1989)USA flag
  24. Bill Wells & Isobel Campbell - Tell Me More And More (And Then Some) (2002)Scottish flag
  25. Espers - Travel Mountains (2005)USA flag
  26. Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See (1993)USA flag
  27. Women & Children - Today To Die (2002)USA flag
  28. The Electric Flag - Synesthesia (1967)USA flag
  29. Reign Ghost - Curio Shop (1969)Canadian flag
  30. Luboš Fišer - The Letter 2 / Friends (1970)Czech flag
  31. Claudine Longet - Shadows of the Night (1967)USA flagFrench flag
  32. Robert Cobert - Dark Shadows (Main Title) (1966)USA flag

Strange Shadows

Mixcloud | View image | Duration: 41 minutes


  1. Egg - Fugue In D Minor (1970)UK flag
  2. Françoise Hardy - Strange Shadows (1969)French flag
  3. Broadcast - The Book Lovers (1997)UK flag
  4. Pram - The Owl Service (2000)UK flag
  5. Acanthus - Sleeping Beauty (Samba Des Vampires) (1971)French flag
  6. C.A. Quintet - Sleepy Hollow Lane (1968)USA flag
  7. Ladytron - Black Cat (2008)UK flag
  8. White Magic - The Gypsies Came Marching After (2004)USA flag
  9. The Soundcarriers - Broken Sleep (2010)UK flag
  10. The Advisory Circle - And The Cuckoo Comes (2005)UK flag
  11. Erkin Koray - Korkulu Rüya (1974)Turkish flag
  12. Moontrekkers - Night of the Vampire (1961)UK flag
  13. Roger Glover and Guests - Magician Moth (1974)UK flag
  14. The New Lines - The Phylactery Of A Spring Street Malcontent (2011)USA flag
  15. Broadcast - Minus One (2000)UK flag
Mix record covers collage

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