Vintage Christmas Card
Vintage Christmas Card inner

Spiked Candy Canes 3

  1. Rotary Connection - Christmas Child (1968)
  2. Petty Booka - Christmas Island (1996)
  3. The Surfaris - A Surfer's Christmas List (1963)
  4. Karine et Rebecca - Chantons Noël (1965)
  5. The Cannanes - Six White Boomers (1997)
  6. The Long Blondes - Christmas Is Cancelled (2005)
  7. The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song (2003)
  8. Helen Love - Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight) (2001)
  9. Bijou - La Fille du Père Noël (1977)
  10. The BellRays - Mary Christmas (2005)
  11. The Orchids - Mr. Scrooge (1964)
  12. Gillian Hills - La Tête à l'envers (1961)
  13. The Magic Whispers - Crystal Nights (2002)
  14. Bessie Smith - At The Christmas Ball (1925)

It's all about bulk here at Spiked Candy at Christmas time, despite my declaration not long ago of my usual love of audioblogs with a more minimalist approach. My enthusiasm for Christmas songs means they're spilling out of folders on my desktop, begging to be shared in time (well, just) for Christmas. That is why I am sitting here like a woman possessed well into the early hours of this Southern Hemisphere Christmas morning.

I have a brand spankin' new set of Spiked Candy Canes to share that I hope will be as exciting for you to listen to as they are for me. Time constraints mean I'm unable to both post these songs and write an entry that would do them justice, but I hope the mix will speak for itself. I'll try to pop any relevant links up in the near future.

The pics above are the front and inside of a vintage Christmas card I scanned. Don't you love how the road has multiple signs saying 'curve', in case we don't get the joke?!

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  • marc  
    Yum yum! Thanks!
    Marc (Canada)
  • little billy sunshine  
    hello christine!
    this is mark here, formally the appallingly named mr barf! i'm back blogging. i hope you are well. i noticed you still have the link to my long dead blog "dang". i'd delete that if i were you!

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