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A few months ago I was very surprised to receive an email from Jacqueline Taïeb, complimenting me on my blog - so much so that I wrote back to ask if it was a joke! After all, it's not every day you get a message from one of your favourite artists of a type of music you pretty much worship! Anyone else who agrees she was one of the most ultra-fab and talented French chicks of the 60s will be happy to know she's been writing, recording and performing again. Jacqueline was kind enough to send me her latest CD and her DVD - you can find details of these releases on her Official Website. Hear some song samples here.

I've asked Jacqueline if she would like to do a guest post on what she's been up to lately, and, happily for all of us, she's agreed. Here's what she has to say:

Hi everybody ! Of course I like being a singer and hearing sweet things about  '7 AM' or any song I sing is great, but what I really love, what makes my heart beat faster, is to write for a singer and direct her or him. I'm a songwriter, that' s my destiny!

Now, here is the project I'm working on: 2 months ago, I met this lady Farida, who is an opera singer, and I heard her sing lyrical stuff during a promotion tour I was making for Zap FM, a radio station in Avignon. Her voice was amazingly wonderful and an idea came to my mind: I'd like to have her sing on a modern song, something RNB / Cool Funk / Opera Gospel like. 

She agreed and I started working on a new song with Jean Pierre and Claude. When I finished the tracks, Farida came to my home studio and we recorded her. Today, we've recorded background vocals sung by Wahid. It's only a demo for the moment, but as soon as I have something presentable to offer you folks, I'll send it to Chistine and she'll know how to do to make you listen to it through her website. Oh by the way, the song is called  'Tout est bien qui finit bien' ... 'Everything's well that ends well' . — Jacqueline Taïeb

Well, that certainly sounds like something to look forward to. In the meantime, here's another brilliant track from Jacqueline's early career:

Jacqueline Taïeb - 7 heures du matin
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Jacqueline Taïeb - La plus belle chanson

From the '7 heures du matin' EP, 1966.

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  • Roar  
    Can't argue with Guryans and Taïebs. If they don't want to focus on their own careers, but rather write songs for others... well then that's as right as it gets. But from a self-centered me point of view I sometimes toy with the idea "what if..."
  • April  
    Yay! She's so lovely; I'm an even bigger fan of her's now, after knowing she cares so much about her fans to contact us! :) Jacqueline rocks!
  • cathy  
    yay, what a great guest post! xo
    • Christine  
      :) glad you enjoyed it.
      geez, this one surely deserves more comments. come on ppl!
  • adam  
    She is such a nice lady.
    My favourite yéyé girl, without a doubt.
  • avant gardening  
    definitely my favorite taieb song, and one of my all-time favorite ye-ye girl songs.

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