Souvenir - Je tiens ma parole (2002)

Spain's Souvenir create perfect mellow French pop. The album this is from, Points de Suspension, is currently on sale on the Shelflife Records site for only $1. Their 6-song mini-album is superb too and also $1. No excuses not to buy these - and if you don't, I will personally come over and poke you with sharp instruments until you do. Cheers.

Buy: Points de Suspension: Shelflife Records, Jabalina Música, Bandcamp

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  • Milan  
    What a bargain! Ordered 3 cd's from the site. Less then 6 euro including shipping to Holland!!
  • ion  
    No need to poke me with a sharp stick, as I took advantage of their sale earlier this year. Got the Souvenir CD, as well as the Shermans and Moving Pictures. Get them while they're hot.
  • Christine  
    Good work people.
    *puts down prodding sticks

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