Girls At Our Best! - Fast Boyfriends (1981)

There's no point me posting a CD buying link unless you happen to have a spare $400. But try Ebay, Gemm or Musicstack for the MUCH cheaper original vinyl. (Update: Pleasure has since been reissued).

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  • pip  
    Good grief! Now I know which CD in my collection is worth the most. Gemm has all the original vinyl stuff at more affordable prices.
  • ion  
    This is a great CD, though $400 is a bit much. Is there any CD out there that anyone would pay more than $400 for -- much less $100? Actually I bought this very CD used on Amazon a couple years ago. At the time none were available, so I put in a request. A few months later I got a response from a seller willing to part with a copy -- for 10 dollars!
  • Christine  
    You're right, CDs don't seem collectable enough to pay anywhere near that. Glad you nabbed a bargain. I found the LP online after writing this for £10 and promptly bought it!
    Pip - good idea, I'll put in a Gemm link. I see they have the Peel sessions. Has anyone heard these? Do you know if they're online anywhere?
  • LondonLee  
    I've got their first 3 singles on vinyl (I was playing "Politics!" the other day funnily enough) but sold my copy of the album many years ago. What an idiot I feel now!
  • IanB  
    $400 !!!! I need a sit down ! great little track though !!

    IanB @ RetroBabe!
  • bulldog  
    Sorry to hear you're worn out! I'm sure keeping a nice blog can't be easy... Was The Girls At Our Best song supposed to be posted incomplete? -Buldog
  • MadCatJoey  
    I had the 7" 45 of "Girls at our Best" b/w "Getting Nowhere Fast." I got rid of my entire vinyl collection when I moved from NY to SF in 1991(too expensive to ship). Now I kick myself every day. Oh well. Great band.
  • Christine  
    Fixing the link now. Why didn't anyone else tell me? There's been so many downloads.
    Yikes - I've pretty much made it my motto to never sell anything (except for the utter crap). You always regret it.
    Someone buy this ffs:
    £3! Oh and btw, the CD is even pricier on Amazon UK - £300.

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