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Soledad Miranda - No lo quiero (1965)

Best known as the sultry, darkly alluring star of erotic schlock horror film Vampyros Lesbos, it comes as some surprise to learn that Spanish actress Soledad Miranda's prior incarnation was as a perky pop singer. Amy at Soledad Miranda - Blood Queen Sublime Soledad sells a CD-R of vinyl transfers of Soledad's 2 EPs and has kindly granted me permission to post a full song.

Vampyros Lesbos DVD cover

The tracks (all cover songs, I believe) range from the sprightly 'Pelucon' ('Big-Wig') to the dramatic pop balladry of 'El color del amor' ('The Colour Of Love'). My favourites are the last two songs, 'Le verdad' (La verita) and 'No le quiero', which rock out a little more. 'No le quiero' is a cover of Roy Hamilton's 'You Can Have Her', but if you're not a fan of that song, don't be put off - I find this cover much more appealing. The arrangement and Soledad's feisty femme vocals make the song entirely unique.

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  • Alan  
    That's a really funny song. And I had to hear this from the antipodes, greets!
  • ppp  
    bandwidth exceeded ... but i#d really like to hear the song.
  • Christine  
    Links are all back up. Go nuts!
  • ilse  
    when talking about girls around the world: a swedish cover of "you can have her", from 1961:
    • Christine  
      Thanks! That one's great. I've found quite a few more female covers of this, and I'll post some in the future.

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