Sylvie Vartan
(Pic credit: ChaChaCharming)
Sylvie Vartan - Si je chante (1963)
- cover of 'My Whole World Is Falling Down'.
Stella - Pourquoi je chante (1966)

I'm not sure if 'Pourquoi je chante' is a direct dig at Sylvie's song, but maybe someone can enlighten me. But it sounds like it might be, when you compare Sylvie's "If I sing, it's for you" to Stella's "If I sing, it's not for you, not for him, not for me... it's for the money, for the dough".

My uncle and I poked fun at the French yé-yé songs - we thought they were more funny than serious. So we started writing songs to capture that irony.

  – From Pink Frankenstein's wonderful interview with Stella on ChaChaCharming.

Thought I'd mention that the amazing track from Spiked Candy Canes, Marlene Paula's 'I Wanna Spend Christmas with Elvis' is from the compilation Rockabilly Christmas, which features all original 50s rockabilly songs, and can be bought here.

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  • loungerie  
    I really like your blog! We're a group of italian actors and singers... THE LOUNGERIE We're inspired from lounge-music, audrey hepburn, la dolce vita...and so on.. think that I link you! Ciao GingerAle from The Loungerie
  • adam  
    that is one of my favourite pictures of sylvie! i find si je chante so funny..
  • Christine  
    Adam - There are so many great photos of Sylvie, it was hard to choose!
    Loungerie - thanks! I added what I think is your website to my links - let me know if I've got the link wrong.
  • refer  
    here in brazil this brenda lee'song was a hit sung in portuguese by renato e seus blue caps and it was called 'canto pra fingir'; now I can see that renato's version was based on vartan's version; the first liners are just a translation! thank you.
    • Christine  
      forgot to thank you for that info refer, hoping to get to hear the portuguese version.

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