Bernadette Carroll - Party Girl (1964)

I notice I unwisely promised a 'farewell Blog-City' party a few posts back, which unfortunately was over-ambitious - I'm neither ready to move the blog, or up to any sort of posting frenzy.

Thankfully, Bernadette Carroll makes a much better Party Girl than me. What a marvel of mood this song is. Even in the mere four lines of the first verse, the melody is by turns coolly nonchalant and confidently gleeful. Bernadette, in her cute-but-strong voice, happily asserts she's set her mind on chucking her no-good guy. The steady cadence of the handclaps suitably match her resolute tone and in effect, make it sound like she has a squad of supporters both affirming her smart decision and keenly waiting to hear what will happen next. Once Bernadette launches the details of her plan to live it up, the rhythm speeds up, the irresistible handclaps now sounding as though they're cheering on her new, liberated quest to have a good time and to find a better man.

Prior to recording solo and scoring a minor hit with 'Party Girl', Bernadette was a member of The Starlets, who later became The Angels, most famous for 'My Boyfriend's Back'. She later joined Denise Ferri (of The Delicates), and Peggy Santiglia (of The Delicates and also The Angels) to do commercial and backup session work, accompanying many big-name stars including Lou Christie. The trio co-created their vocal parts for his chart-topping 1965 single, 'Lightning Strikes'.

They also released a few singles under the name Jessica James and the Outlaws, including 'We'll Be Makin' Out' which features back-up vocals from Lou. The title is presumably a cheeky reference to the line "We were makin' out in the rain", which saw Lou's song 'Rhapsody In The Rain' get banned.

'Party Girl', written by Ernie Maresca and Lou Zerato, has shown up on several comps, many of which are out of print. But most of these ACE Records comps should be available, and you might still be able to get Marginal Records' Back To The Girl Zone.

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  • swanny  
    hello there Christine, nice to see you back in our world again. Myself and Oscar have been keeping Youtube busy in your absence ;) Hope you are feeling better Swanny
  • modcentric  
    Welcome back, Christine! =)
  • Oscar  
    Hey Christine, how are you doing! looks different. I noticed that the music player you had at the top right-hand corner is gone. :( Great reading on your new article! Hi Swanny! I got a Salut les copains magazine and a mademoiselle age tendre magazine with various france gall pics....I plan to scan the pages and put them on a new vid on the tube soon after I get my work done :)
    • Christine  
      The radioblog has been gone for a while, actually. I temporarily took it down when my bandwidth had run out, but then Blog-City locked out the old portlet system and I couldn't add it back. Just trying to find the code and I'll add it back shortly...
  • Roar  
    Catchy tune, but Bernadette's morals are so-so. Phew!!
    Greetings from Norway :)
  • Ken Charmer  
    Catch more about Bernadette and here good friend Denise Ferri via this link
    also the jean Thomas Music Journal fo the New York music scene
    Ken in Espana

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