After a ridiculously long hiatus, my blog is back! It has probably been way too long to expect that to mean anything to anybody, but I do hope some people who enjoyed the blog the first time around find their way here again. And of course, it would be wonderful to see some new visitors, whom I hope will find something to enjoy in the archives and in future posts.

What to expect from the new blog? Though my tastes have somewhat shifted and broadened over the years, much will be a continuation of what you will find in the archives: off-the-beaten-track, colourful pop and rock from all over the world, especially from or reminiscent of the 60s. I still love that magic combination of the accessible and the strange or unexpected, though perhaps more of the latter quality will show up in the new posts – the candy may be spiked with something a little more lysergic these days. There will probably be less that is purely twee or bubblegum, as I found I burnt out on the more overtly sugary side of my taste. I'm not averse to cuteness, but these days just prefer it wrapped in something more interesting that wears better over time. You will still find plenty of French 60s pop in these pages – it remains my true love. I don't really have a mission statement as such; I'll see how the blog takes shape as I post the music I love.

This really is not a blog for finding the latest music – I don't avidly keep up with new stuff, preferring to go where the mood and accidental pathways take me. It's also no longer a download blog, but I will consider sharing strictly long out-of-print stuff to download, upon request.

I know the online musical milieu has changed a lot since I last blogged, with MP3 blogs mostly a thing of the past, streaming really taking off and many once impossible-to-find songs now showing up readily on Youtube. But hopefully there is still a role for the humble music blog. I have been making playlists in the years my blog has been dormant, but there is something I missed about song blogging – just focusing on the greatness of one song at a time. I also realised I would like to have an avenue to share and write a bit about my playlists, as I put a lot of thought into them and often include some rare tracks. 

The next post is a guide to the archives, then the music blogging shall recommence!

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  • mordi  
    well i for one am glad to have you back. it's been a looooong time!
    i don't host mp3's either now- just youtube clips but that seems to work ok.
    i look forward to what you bring us..... x
    • Christine  
      Mordi, so great to see you here! I believe you were my first commenter the first time around as well. Glad you have been keeping up the good work all this time. Hope you will like what I have in store. ;)
  • Brady  
    Read on twitter: bradyocallahan
    Oh WOAH! I've been checking every few months since it was shuttered, and I'm just now seeing this. SO glad you're back!
    • Christine  
      Wow, thanks Brady, that means a lot. Hope you enjoy the new blog!

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