Natacha Snitkine Jean-Paul Keller
  1. Natacha Snitkine - Le Jeu du téléphone (1967)
  2. Jean-Paul Keller - Ça s'est arrangé

(I've lost my Pop A Paris booklet... can anyone help me out with a pic of JPK, or the year the song was released?)
*Found it - pic added.

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  • Bruno  
    Jean-Paul keller - 1967 (Barclay) EP Riviera 231 276.
    If you need a copy drop me a line. I have all these cd's.
    • Christine  
      Bruno... I thought you were Schlocker Bruno, but apparently not. I'd like a copy, but you haven't left an email address.
  • Guuzbourg  
    ah, just posted that song by Natacha as well! do you know the version by Caroline (a Quebecoise)? nice one too
  • Christine  
    Yep, the Caroline one is great too, but I do prefer this one. There's the Lucky Blondo one as well.
    Thanks Bruno!
  • Gerald  
    Hi & Greetings, Thanks for posting all thoese great songs you have. Would you like some PJ Harvey? I have a nice selection of photos of the band in concert 2004, also most cd's available and am happy to send you a few tracks to preview if you wish ( or even post them with or without dribble/babble. Have you seen 'Please Leave Quietly' The Live in concert dvd? looking forward to it, unable to get a copy as yet. Bobbie Gentry on dvd? certainly a lot of interest/attention there seen the you tube with ms gentry dancin aa-dcup phpguoo. and the smile!! goodnessake, beautiful maate!
    Thanks for putting that where i could see it, much appreciation and kudos to you!
  • dan  
    Hello Spikecandy, I recentley discovered this blog , & I really like it. For people that are intrested in other "old" music. May alway's visit my blog (follow the url) for example I got the JAPANESE version of Poupée de Cire Poupée de son sung by France Gall on my blog for download... Keep up the good work Dan

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