Les Hou-Lops

Is that the right plural? Quebecoiseseseses. Anyway, I woke up totally in the mood for more Quebecois yé-yé and was all ready to upload and post some Quebecois girl group songs when, in what must be a moment of great minds truly thinking alike ;) , I see that BlowUpDoll has posted some fab Quebec girl yé-yé. And then Modcentric requested some more Quebec 60s tracks, and how can I say no when her blog is so brilliant with all its cool Singaporean tunes I'd never have gotten to hear and last week's way cool Beatles covers special? So I've decided to make it a little virtual French-Canadian rock 'n' roll party today with FOUR ace-as-all-fuck tracks:

  1. Christine et Ses Copains - Mon mini-croulant (1967)
  1. Les Minous Blancs - Oh non jamais (1965)
  2. Les Hou-Lops - À la planche (1964)
  3. Les Makadams - Il faut que ça cesse (1967)

I'm very keen to know if any CD releases of Quebecois yé-yé still exist, particularly the one the first two songs come from, entitled Girl Group Power - Histoire De Filles: Quebec 60s GoGo Music. I found it listed on a couple of online record stores, but as out of print or unavailable :(.

EDIT: I have just found a Quebecois Girl Groups compilation for sale on Disques Mérite [CD no longer available at Disques Mérite, but an mp3 version can be found on 7digital]. Very exciting!! And even more exciting, they have a whole page of Quebecois scopitones for you to watch!!!!!

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  • Mister Blog  
    The plural for 'quebecois' is...quebecois for males, and quebecoises for females. I really fancy the Cristine et ses copains song, nice post.
    • Christine  
      oh well, mr blog, at least the title for this post was half right since 2 of the bands are female. :)
  • modcentric  
    ahh.. i love em all! and thanks for the link too.
  • schizotoo (or so)  
    well,Disques Merite have a lot of 60s material reissues;the 'Girl Group Power - Histoire De Filles: Quebec 60s GoGo Music' cd is in fact a bootleg,just as those Ultra Chicks albums. About the male Quebec 60s groups,try Les Sinners and Les Miserables.

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