Mo-dettes - White Mice (1979)

Read about them here.

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  • mark  
    Classic! And you did a France Gall week and I missed the whole damn thing!
  • Ion  
    I too missed most of the France Gall week. Damn vacation! As for the Mo-dettes, it would be nice if someone re-released their hard to find album on CD, though I've heard reports that White Mice is by far their best song.
  • Christine  
    Yeah I was wondering why there wasn't a CD. I'd like to hear more, but not if it's crap like you've heard. Maybe I'll just pick up a cheap record - at least their covers look good!

    I had to take down all the France files because I ran out of bandwidth sorry. But email me if there was 1 or 2 songs you particularly wanted (same goes for anyone else). I want to do maybe a webjay thing with some of the categories, so I will put back up some past songs now and then.

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