Björk 1977 album cover
Björk Guðmundsdóttir - Arabadrengurinn

Just in case you were curious to hear what Björk sounded like at age 11. This album apparently went platinum in Iceland when it was released in 1977... would that mean like 100 people bought it?

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  • ion  
    I've heard a few tracks from this album (including her cover of Fool on the Hill), but not this song. I like the trippy sitar intro, which segues into a poppy dance track. I've heard this record is scarce and worth a fortune now, so maybe a 100 sales in Iceland gets you a platinum disc to hang on the wall.
    • Christine  
      Yeah, I also read that there are re-issues on coloured vinyl (bootlegs maybe) that fetch too-high prices. (can go for £250 but are only worth £20).

      I guess more realistically a few thousand would be platinum in Iceland. We have a 20 mil population here and platinum is a paltry 30,000 sales (or record store orders really). Sounds impressive when people reach platinum sales here, but there's no money in it.

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