I would be happy to listen to Stereolab-esque music endlessly if it's done as well as this. Listening to Midnight Movies' debut album, I was thinking it sounds as though, like Broadcast, they've given their United States of America LP a healthy number of spins... and this confirms it, as well as that Broadcast are actually a direct influence. A band with great taste and brilliant execution - highly recommended listening!

Midnight Movies - Strange Design (2004)

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  • Davecat  
    I've only heard the name Midnight movies, and so far, I'm liking what I hear. :-)
    Speaking of the early drone-driven Stereolab, have you heard the Organ? http://www.theorgan.ca They're five lasses from Canada that also have a similar 'morose Sixties' approach to music..
    And speaking of Broadcast, you need to check out the ghost box record label before you do anything else today. :-) http://www.ghostbox.co.uk
    • Christine  
      No, I haven't heard of organ, or seen the ghost box website before - thanks for the links!

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