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This is the cover of my new favouritest CD in the world - a Japanese release called Cuties, featuring various female artists and female-led bands from around the world covering French pop classics and other lounge/bossa pop tunes. Half the tracks are taken from releases from Spain's Elefant Records. These songs seem pretty hard to come by, so look out for posts featuring more songs from it in future. Today I thought I'd share one that is a gorgeously mellow track just right for a Sunday:

Ana D - Más (1997)

Ana DI've only heard two other Ana D songs, but have been mesmerised by them. 'Más', a cover of 'More' from the soundtrack to the 1961 Italian film Mondo Cane, has the same effect on me. This description of Ana D from Grimsey is perfect:

Ana D's charisma is one of undeniable sensuality, breathy poetry, and real beauty. She sings of a strange and wonderful world of love, space ships, and dreams, all wrapped in an intimate world of pop chanteuse ways, seasoned with a hint of sultry bossa nova. In other words, Ana D. invites one into a world within a world. Both worlds are real, if you believe.

Satélite 99 cover'Más' is originally taken from Ana's 1997 album Satélite 99, which is now deleted, but check the usual online retailers for stray copies. Amazon seems to have the best price - and another song off the album to download, as I only just discovered. [Available from Elefant again - see below for links].

Also check Amazon and Gemm for Cuties, but it's quite expensive - from $36 USD up. I was very lucky to get it from Ebay for $8 USD so keep an eye out. [Last I checked, it was even harder to find and more expensive - just one copy each on Ebay and Discogs, at $60-70.] 

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  • roar  
    hi there:) I wouldn't quite give up trying to purchase ana d's full album from elefant records, seeing as out of stock titles regularly turn up every time the label sends out new sales catalogues. two thirds of elefant's spanish titles might also be interesting for those who love 60s and 70s European (etc) pop music - personal favourites are Niza's album, Nosoträsh (Popemas) and Les tres bien ensemble - as well as the said Ana D (well, Le Mans too - "Entresemana" might be an excellent album to check out), and while we're at it Souvenir's first album (a minialbum) is also particularly adorable ( or Siesta's ( reverie and if... series the same (just thought of it since the label's spanish, only in this case the music's not - the main man behind the 8-10 albums released is Jeremy Butler). I don't know whether you're all familiar with this stuff, if not, you might be in for a thrill. Best regards :)
    • Christine  
      Hi roar,
      Thanks for the tips. I love what I have heard of the Elefant artists you mentioned. I did happen to buy 2 x Souvenir CDs in the shelflife sale - they are $1... snap them up people! Really brilliant. Also bought an amazing CD from Moving Pictures, and did not realise till I got it that it had a France Gall cover on it... I swear this stuff just falls in my lap now. :)

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