French kitsch king Claude and a young Jodie perform the Gainsbourg & Bardot classic on late 70s French TV, making it corny and more than a little creepy.

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  • FofR  
    Where do you find these things?
  • Christine  
    I'm going to sulk a bit if this video is not given its due appreciation in the comments.
  • mordi  
    sulk no more!- this video is AMAZING! Teen Jodie is brilliant- espcially in french. He is a bit creepy- but I hardly noticed him, I was so transfixed on Jodie!!! I've no idea where you found this- but you NEED to find more of these obscure and fabulous clips! Well done, I LOVED IT!! xxx
  • bruno  
    Great ! Great ! Great! :)
  • P-E Fronning  
    So strange, so sleezy and so good.
  • Bibi  
    Thank you for the video! :) Did you see this video: And there are more Jodie Foster's videos singing in French.
    • Christine  
      yes i did see that there, and i noticed someone put this video up too. but unfortunately i can't get any streaming media to work at the moment so i haven't watched it :(
    • Christine  
      oh, someone else i meant, i just noticed you added it too!
      • Bibi  
        Yep. Do you like of Dalida and François? I uploaded some other videos there, but I have them at my computer. If you want them I can put at rapidshare or otgher place.
        • Christine  
          Yay, I finally got to see the other Jodie Foster clip. I also liked her reaction in the recent interview where they showed her these old clips!
          I'll watch the Dalida/Francois one and let you know if I'd like a copy... I'm not that fussed on either of them, so could probably live without it :|.
  • david streever  
    loved it :)!! that is great, sleaze=two thumbs up, in my book...
  • mostly  
    OMG, this is wonderful. On a swing! And I had no idea she sang - she's really not bad.

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