Haifischbaby cover Bébé Requin cover
  1. France Gall - Haifischbaby (1968)
  2. France Gall - Bébé Requin (1967)

As promised a while back, the German version of 'Bébé Requin'. I've posted the original too for anyone who's never heard it.

Rato Records Blog has posted an EP of Portuguese songs by 60s Spanish singer Karina, which includes a cool Portuguese cover of 'Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son'. This has inspired my new feature, appearing at top-right in my menu, of different versions of 'Poupée De Cire'. They will be updated regularly until I run out of them, which may take a while - there are quite a lot! Warning: This may drive you a bit nuts.

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  • ion  
    Can never get enough France Gall! Thanks for the link to the site hosting the Karina songs -- good stuff! I think I have a version somewhere of Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son by a recent all-girl band from Germany called Die Moulinettes. Familiar with them? They're excellent. And yes, Elefant has some great bands. Nosotrash should be huge!
    • Christine  
      Speaking of Elefant bands, I got an amazing CD this week - a Japanese compilation called 'Cuties'. It has covers by contemporary bands of French 60s stuff and some other bossa pop and loungey stuff. Half of the album is Elefant records bands (and the songs aren't recorded especially for the comp, but taken from B-sides - so it seems they have a bit of a French 60s fetish!) Oh and it has a cover of the original Brazilian version of Zozoi. Will definitely post a couple of tracks soon.

      I forgot to mention something in this post too - I bought a couple of vintage French mags, one was a men's mag and said it featured Francoise Hardy and France Gall, so I thought it was like a playboy deal where they have legit articles too. But instead their appearances were as 'artist's renditions' of them in the nude! The faces were based on real pictures and then the bodies drawn in a very lifelike photographic style. Extremely disturbing!!!!
  • mister blog  
    I saw Nosotrash live in Benicassim few years ago. Cute and refreshing. "Arte" is classic, as their France 'center of spikedcandy universe' Gall cover.
    • Christine  
      lucky you - all these bands seem like a universe away to me. are you implying i'm obsessed with france gall? that's crazy ;)

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