Anna Karina
Anna Karina - Roller Girl (1967)

As requested by Paul. From the soundtrack to the musical comedy Anna, which aired on French TV in 1967 and featured all Gainsbourg-composed songs.

Anna OST cover

Also appears on French Cuts Volume 2 and Ultra Chicks Volume 2: Lolita Ya-Ya (one of the stores listed on my menu should have these or the soundtrack... I'm feeling too lazy to search myself) [Update: see below for links to in-print CDs].

Edit: Does anyone know if Anna has had a video or DVD release? (Or even if there are bootleg copies around?)

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  • paul  
    Thanks so much for doing the request. Keep up the good work with Spikedcandy. Don't forget to post those France Gall pizza-making photos one day for us fans of Spikedcandy. Get well soon. Ciao! paul
  • mark  
    this is just too wild!
  • Mariana  
    I love you anna (l) agregenme mi mail: no.entiendo.nada[at]

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