...and it is, as to be expected, a beautiful thing.

Jarvis Cocker
Jarvis Cocker and Kid Loco - I Just Came To Tell You I'm Going (2006)

There's a bit of a blip at the beginning of this copy, sorry about that. I have to say, after listening to this comp, having a good quality copy of this song is the only reason I'd want to buy it.

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  • Catty  
    ah, El Jarvo. He is a beautiful, wonderful thing.

    The first time I heard Je t'aime... moi non plus, I actually thought it was Jarvis singing it.
  • Nancy B.  
    Thank youuuuu for Jarvis Cocker's rendition of Gainsbourg's "I Just Came To Tell You I'm Going."

    Do know you when it's coming out? I mean, seriously!
  • Christine  
    interesting catty... helps cement my theory that jarvis is the most suitable contender for modern serge counterpart.

    nancy - it's out in france already i think, not sure when for the rest of the world.
  • bruno  
    I heard it's also coming out on vinyl..
    • Christine  
      The whole comp? I'd love it if this track got a single release.

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