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Brenda Lee - Is It True (1964)

Don't be misled by that very pink and prim photo of Brenda Lee - this is one rockin' track. From

Brenda Lee had already chalked up two dozen Top 40 hits by September of '64, generally produced by Decca's main man in Nashville, Owen Bradley, but nothing she'd ever done was anything quite like this. While on tour in England — a tour which included a Royal Command Performance, yet — Brenda met up with record producer Mickie Most, who had scored a major hit with the Animals' "House of the Rising Sun" for EMI. Most got her into the studio, assembled a team of studio pros, and instead of a ballad of the sort she'd been doing for the past couple of years, gave her this bouncy Carter-Lewis number. One of those studio pros was the young Jimmy Page, whose contribution is a biting guitar lick that falls somewhere between staccato and Morse code. "Is It True" was rushed into the stores, and was a fair-sized hit in the US, a bigger one in the UK, but it set no precedents for Brenda's career.

And I would just like to add, this song is too unbelievably good for words.

From One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found.

And if the brilliance of this track hasn't yet made you pass out, then this will do it:

Mariska Veres
Mariska Veres - Is het waar? (1965)

Dutch cover by the too-fabulous Mariska Veres, who would later become the vocalist for Shocking Blue.

From Biet Het Volume 3: From the Kitchen To The Garage. Here are the liner notes on Mariska from this compilation:

Liner Notes - Biet Het Vol. 3 - Mariska Veres

Ha! A bit harsh. That's almost as funny as the reference to Mariska's "hard to die" fans on this excellent fansite. Great bio, and 5 pages of photos, including a few fantastic shots of her at her fashion best!

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  • bruno  
    Wow,I just love Brenda Lee and Mariska Veres is great too!
  • Davecat  
    Both versions are ace, but I dunno, I'm gonna go with the Mariska version here. I like the way she says 'zetma zetma'. Plus, she's got fab eyeliner. :-)
    • Christine  
      Yeah, I favour the Mariska version too... but, having listened to it a million times before I managed to track down the original, I'm starting to go toward the Brenda version a bit more.
    • Christine  
      And yes, Mariska's eyeliner > Brenda's pleated pink dress anyday. :D
      Ooh, had to mention I just scored the 45 of the Brenda Lee one for 99c :).
  • rato  
    Mariska´s "fantastic" photos at that fansite? Tell me where to find them. The ones I saw are very little and of poor quality...
    • Christine  
      I'll change that wording then - I meant that there are 5 pages of photos, and a couple of fantastic shots among them. (I pointed out the 5 pages not to say that they're all amazing, but just so people would know the gallery was more than the first page). No the quality's not great but I like some of the actual pictures. It's hard to find photos of her... if you've seen some, let me know.
  • Baz Garrod  
    What a great track by Mariska! Always loved her work with Shocking Blue so its great to hear her second solo single... umistakeable voice! Great blog too - have added a link to it from my own which I started a few days ago. Keep up the great work! BAZ
  • changaili  
    thanks for brenda lee, I'm gonna play it to my father!

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