Watoo Watoo - Picture Of  A Lost

Watoo Watoo - Picture Of A Lost Friend (1996)

Watoo Watoo - From France, a gem of an indie pop find. A generous serving of mp3s from their 2nd, 3rd & 4th albums, PLUS their entire 1st album. Nicely detailed descriptions of each song's style give you a pretty good idea if you'll want to download them. Visit here to download. Also check out the News page for the band's top ten albums of last year. The last album mentioned, So Young But So Cold, is an exceptional compilation; I'll feature some tracks from it in the near future.

Homesleep Records - Italian label, with lots of mp3s to download, or to stream, here. [Label now defunct]

Elefant Records - The always incredible Spanish label has plenty to sample here, from both local Spanish acts and some of the best indiepop artists from other parts of the world. I own two Elefant compilations I adore, Modapop and Elefant Dosmiluno and recommend them highly. Some standouts for me, of their Spanish artists, are Nosoträsh, Ana D, Juniper Moon. Darla Records stocks most Elefant releases, at very reasonable prices. Someone told me they bought the Elefant Dosmiluno 22-track comp from Darla for only $8, but I'm not sure if it's still in stock. The Darla site also has some Elefant mp3s, possibly some that aren't on the Elefant site, though I haven't cross-checked.

Update: Elefant no longer appears to have any free mp3s, but their catalogue is streaming on the site, as well as on Spotify. Browse Artists, then visit invidual album pages to listen.

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