Update: Last.fm have since discontinued their radio service, so Spiked-Candy Radio is no longer available.

Spiked-Candy Radio artists collage

Last.FM have finally released a reliable new version of their player, which means I am ready to launch Spiked-Candy Radio

If you already have the player, just click the radio icon in menu at right --> and it will start up for you. 

If you're new to Last.fm, go here to download the Last.fm player. You'll see two different downloads on that page. The one you want in order to make this work is on the right-hand side (Last.fm Radio Player). Have a look around while you're there and see how it all works - it's a great site. 

I'm still adding stuff, and any suggestions are welcome - but may be ignored ;). Just remember I can only add streamable songs from the site. I've just worked out that if I tag an album, it will play you a different song from that album each session... so if you keep getting the same song, remind me to add more stuff from that artist.

Some tips

- use the 'skip' button on the player if you don't want to hear the song right now
- use the 'ban' button if you never want to hear the song again
- click on 'options' (the little wrench icon) and check 'discovery mode' if you want it to play you stuff you've never listened to before

It's a bit of an eclectic mix of French pop, yé-yé, 80s, electro, 60s bands, indie, exotica and whatever else I felt like putting in there. You may get a strange mix at times - it can be a bit of a shock when it goes from a lovely Françoise Hardy or Karen Dalton tune to T.a.t.U... but I hope you will enjoy it!

Listen out for a few rare tunes on there, like the Italian versions of some Marie Laforêt songs and more.

Comments (6)

  • "betty"  
    Hey...The site keeps getting better and better!! Awesome job...It's one of my faves! :)
  • larcy  
    Whee, fabness! Works even when you're not logged in, too. Love everything on it so far, especially the tracks from the Girls in the Garage albums - any idea where I might be able to get hold of them? Have Googled and ebayed with no luck so far.
    • Christine  
      Merci larcy! I only just added the Girls In The Garage stuff - was very excited to find it was on there. The good thing is I could add them all separately since they're all different artists, so it should play you a few each session. Try GEMM for Girls In The Garage - there's a few here: http://www.gemm.com/c/search.pl?currency=US&field=ARTIST+OR+TITLE&wild=girl s+in+the+garage&Go%21.x=0&Go%21.y=0&Go%21=Search
    • Christine  
      Larcy - there's always at least a couple of GITG comps on ebay - I found 7 of them just now.
  • Christine  
    Oh, and there were some player issues yesterday again, but it's working fine for me now. They have pulled the latest version of the player as loads of users were complaining (I'm having no problems), so I think when you go to the download page now, only the old version is up. I'll pop up a notice when they release a final new version.

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