... then I guess I'm in danger of becoming Jenny Lewis. Oh well, I could certainly think of worse fates! Rilo Kiley tend to be a little hit-or-miss for me, but her solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat, released early this year has become an addiction. Recorded with Southern singing duo The Watson Twins, Jenny created a lovely collection of heartfelt country/gospel songs, all with a sense of pop savviness that brings a certain levity to the album. It's the latter quality that means she's sometimes not taken seriously as the skilled songwriter she is, but I think it's her successful marriage of these soulful and pop elements that deserves admiration. There's a subtle pop sheen to these recordings, enough to make them not too heavy to digest again and again, but not enough to nullify any sense of substance or beauty.

One thing she definitely deserves credit for is her way with a 'life lesson' turn of lyric, which is difficult to do without sounding, well, naff. This is at its best in my favourite track, 'You Are What You Love'. Watch this gorgeous live performance of it:

Free download via music.download.com:

Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins - The Big Guns (2006)

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