Françoise Hardy
Françoise Hardy - Le Temps de l'amour (1962)

Written by Jacques Dutronc for Françoise (a few years before they became a couple), this track is signature early Françoise, imbued with her usual combination delicate beauty and effortless chic cool.

'Le Temps' was adapted from an instrumental Dutronc had previously written for his earlier band, Les Cyclones.

Jacques Dutronc
Jacques Dutronc - Le Temps de l'amour (1980)

A fairly psychotic interpretation by Jacques himself, released on his 1980 'comeback' record, Guerre et Pets. If you enjoy French men shouting and synths as much as I do, I'm sure you'll enjoy this.

Françoise Hardy

Would you not have just passed out if you ran into this couple in late 60s Paris? Phew.

Bonus Belated Double Up...


I just discovered I have an earlier version of the Ana D song Más I posted recently. This one's by another mysterious 60s 'chica ye-ye' named Betina. Gorgeous voice, and a killer rendition.


Betina - Más (1964)

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  • Mister Blog  
    Well done again, that Dutronc version is truly hilarious. In the meantime, from an album called "War and fart", anything could happen. Sacré Dutronc !
  • favolosisessanta  
    hi :) Link&visit thank you very much
    from european pop/favolosisessanta ;)
  • Christine  
    no problem fav. great records you have on there, just wish I could understand what's written. :(
    mr blog, i did not know that was french for fart. one of these days i am going to post something extremely embarrassing with no idea of what it means. but i am glad you appreciate the track... much love for dutronc here
    • Mister Blog  
      In fact it's a joke about the book "war and peace", "paix" (peace) has the same prononciation as "pet" (fart).
  • Mark  
    jacques rules!
  • adam  
    thanks for the songs. i actually like the italian version of françoise's, "l'eta dell'amore". it's almost identical to the french one, but i think because it was the first version of the song i heard, it's more special to me.
    i really loved ana d's "mas", and i would love to hear this version by betina, but the only computer available to me is sick and plays everything fast and chipmunk-y.
    please keep up the good work :)
    • Christine  
      thanks adam :). I love the (small amount of) Italian stuff I've heard from Francoise. Her English stuff doesn't always work though.
      Hopefully you'll get to hear the Betina one on a better computer soon. Could you send it to a friend and harass them to play it for you?

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