Hi-Posi - Taboo no Jyogen (Tabooの上限) (1998)

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  • ion  
    Wow! Wonderful song, with some great steel drums and a rankin' skankin' beat. I almost didn't download it, assuming it would be a track from The View of Human Nature as Fundamentally Good CD -- which I'm fortunate enough to own. Hope you keep posting more tasty J-pop!
  • bruno  
    Wow,this is great,seems they're are lots more gems for me to discover.Thank you for the music,the songs I'm humming,thanks for the joy they're bringing! :)
  • larcy  
    Love this track - and the fabulous photo. That's some hat! Oh, and if you like this kind of thing, you might like the Takako Minekawa track over at my page. More j-pop very soon, it's scarily addictive.
  • IanB  
    just amazed where you get them from! Gem after gem !!

    IanB http://retrobabe1.blogspot.com/
  • ion  
    Hey Christine! Where ya been? Your loyal followers await your next breath.
    • Christine  
      sorry ion - seem to have run out of steam for the moment.

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