Toni Basil - Breakaway (1966)

Toni Basil - 60s It's very surprising to discover that 80s one-hit wonder Toni Basil (possibly the ultimate one-hit wonder!) released this fantastic track back in 1966, which was apparently popular on the Northern Soul scene. It was the title track for an underground movie she starred in, and the B-side to her first single, 'I'm 28'. The original vinyl sells for about $350-400. I think there's been a vinyl reissue - you'll notice if you search Gemm or MusicStack some copies show up for $10 (and are a split single with another singer).

'Breakaway' appears on the Out On The Floor Again compilation.

[Update: Breakaway video]

I haven't heard 'I'm 28', but I just discovered it's on a compilation boxset entitled Girl Group Sounds: Lost & Found. The link has listening samples, and it sounds like a really great song too. Considering that's my age, those lyrics are the most relatable I've heard in a while - how completely depressing! :D

Toni Basil - 80s Here's a bonus, just 'cause it sounds so cool:

Toni Basil - Mickey (Spanish Version) (1982)

Can be found on Living In Oblivion: The Greatest Eighties Hits, Vol 2.

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  • gee  
    Thanks for these songs, I've just bought the 12" of "Mickey" last week. Also, there's a sweet cover "Ramones-like" of this song, performed by The Riplets. (catch it in the media section of their website)
  • Davecat  
    That's one hell of a find. I had no idea Toni Basil even existed prior to the Eighties!
  • Christine  
    Yes, I really have outdone myself, if I do so say myself :). I had no idea either, it was a fluke of a find. So far this seems to be the most popular download yet!
    Thanks for the Riplets link Gee - they are great!
  • bob  
  • mark  
    Wow, I really must see "Breakaway"!
    • Christine  
      Yes, me too. If you ever find out where to get a copy let me know. The guy who wrote that review on imdb told me there was a copy at a film institute library in Canberra (nowhere near me unfortunately), so maybe other film libraries have it.

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