Uschi Glas - Wenn dein Herz brennt (1970)
Born in Landau, Bavaria, Glas started appearing in films as early as 1965. Her breakthrough role was that of Barbara in the unconventional Zur Sache, Schätzchen (Go for It, Baby) 1968, which captured the spirit of the times in that it presented youthful protest against the German Establishment and hinted at the loosening of morals in the wake of the Sexual Revolution. Wikipedia

As seems to be the case with many successful European actresses of the time, Uschi also ventured into the recording studio. And, as also seems to be typical, she didn't find the same popularity there. Her Giorgio Moroder-produced cover of Edison Lighthouse's 'Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)' as 'Wenn dein Herz brennt' ('When Your Heart Burns' (?) ) was her biggest hit - but still only achieved modest success, according to this page on Uschi at the Schlager Stars website.

Here's a scan of her from a 60s German mag and the blurb that accompanies it:

"Uschi is a saucy Harem girl of a different kind: "I don't want a ruler, I'd rather a Harem full of men - naturally only for Fasching [carnival season]." (That was my best attempt to translate - please help me refine/correct it, German-speakers!)

Some more pics of the groovy-lookin' Fräulein:

7" sleeve (I only have a wrinkly copy, as you can see!):

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  • Derek Scotland  
    The translation is fine but it might be worth explaining that Fasching in the Rhineland, especially in Cologne, is a time when you do what you want with who you want, with no recriminations or future commitments, but only during the Carnival period. After that it's back to a strait-laced life, until next year. Underlines the 'saucy Harem-girl' image.
    • Derek Scotland  
      PS, It's 'IF your heart burns', and the rest of the line is 'don't walk on by - with lips you ask, with hands you touch, then dance and first romance - if your heart burns!
    • Christine  
      Thanks, Derek, for the correction and the explanation. I presumed her reply had something to do with her costume and also, being in disguise/role-play for Carnival... but that really makes sense of it.
  • K  
    Thanks so much for sharing this Uschi tune! I've only heard her sing "Mein Wochenende" so this is a real treat. I really love her in all krimi flicks she made. She so sassy & cute.
  • easytempo  
    "Mein Wochenende" is a great song, especially if you are in the process of learning German because the lyrics are really simple. :)
  • Gerry  
    Hi there ! I'm very astonished that you know Uschi Glas ! How did you come across her ? I only have two singles and one more song on a cassette. Unfortunately, I don't know any of her early films, except the Winnetou movies, which I've seen only once in my life and I don't really like them. But I like her songs very much. Actually, she is an actress who started a singing carreer later, but didn't have the success she had with her films. Great to hear an early track from her. Thanks so much, Christine ! Hugs:Gerry
  • Digger Jones  
    Uschi couldn't sing, period, and didn't show much more talent in her films and tv roles, in which she played what she always was: a German hausfrau with ultraconservative views, a role she's still continuing in the media, being a member of the Bavarian CSU, Germany right-wing lederhosen party. remember: square isn't cool. -- The Digger
    • Christine  
      I don't get the 'couldn't sing' part - because I hear a good voice. Sure, not a belter or blue-eyed soul wonder, but definitely more competent than some of the French faves on here. The music I post on here isn't about perfect competence anyway - but she is in tune, has a nice I don't see why there's not even room for debate ('period') that her voice might be appealing. I don't mind people giving more info on artists' personal/political lives, but I don't think anyone is in danger of thinking 'square'(at least meaning true conservatism, not just some old-fashioned qualities readers of this blog might value) is cool. We can enjoy the aesthetic and separate it from external factors - it's not a matter of someone's appeal placating more serious issues. Same with Brigitte Bardot - my repulsion toward her current views does not take away from my appreciation of her earlier pop culture output and conversely, my love of her music/films doesn't soften me toward her political stance. It's not mentioned when I post about her here, because it's not what this blog is about.

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