This is one of the prettiest Eurovision entries I've heard before:

The Hearts Of Soul - Waterman (1970)
The Hearts Of SoulBianca, Patricia and Stella Maessen, three sisters from Harderwijk, did a lot of session work (a.o with Dusty Springfield and Rika Zarai), performed regularly at nightclubs across the country and participated in 1970 in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1973, they left for Belgium,where they formed a new group, Dream Express, with Luc Smets (ex-Pebbles). Stella released a solo single under the name Stella Mason. In 1977, the group participated for the second time in Eurovision, this time representing Belgium. Two years later, the Dream Express split up. In the meantime, Bianca got married to Luc, and Patricia went on to join Passenger. Luc, Stella and Bianca formed L.B.S. in 1979. Nederpop Encyclopedia)

'Waterman' only came 7th that year. Bah!

Coming soon: a video of this performance (hopefully!).

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  • Davecat  
    That is a really impressive and catchy song. It definitely has an early Seventies vibe to it; which makes complete sense... Can't wait to see the video for that (hopefully!)
  • IdahoMoe  
    AWESOME Song!
  • Ion  
    Lovely song -- and instantly likable. Fantastic vocals, and it's cool that they throw in that tempo change in the last 30 seconds. I promise a sober e-mail soon!
  • franss  
    Stella was background singer with Lenny Kuhr's winning song "de Troubadour" in 1969, Patricia, was backgroubnd singer when Sandra Kim won in 1986!
  • Maja  
    After 36 years I finally hear this song again. It was great. Loved it.
  • Le Roi the eurovision performance
    • Christine  
      Thanks, Le Roi... but I intentionally didn't link to the YouTube link. It's not very good quality. I have a B&W clip that's better quality, but I'm waiting to get a good quality colour one to share.

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