The Galaxy Electric

The Galaxy Electric are an avant-pop duo from Washington, DC, whose striking debut was one of my absolute favourites of last year. Creating cosmic pop songs using such an interesting palette of sounds, I knew their influences and tastes would be worth mining. So I asked the band members, Jacqueline and Augustus, if they'd make a playlist for me and they kindly agreed. Listen below to their selections, a superb mix of early electronics, way-out pop and other sound adventures. I love how the first track, Ken Nordine's captivating spoken word tour through an imagined 'Sound Museum', sets up the melange of weird and wonderful sounds to come.


  1. Ken Nordine featuring The Fred Katz Group – The Sound Museum (1957)
  2. Daphne Oram – Wool (1967)
  3. Peter Reno – Secrets of the Deep (1969)
  4. Joe Meek & The Blue Men – I Hear A New World (1960)
  5. Delia Derbyshire – Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO (1968)
  6. Jean-Jacques Perrey – E.V.A. (1970)
  7. Silver Apples – Walkin' (1998; recorded 1969)
  8. The Soundcarriers – Step Outside (2010)
  9. Broadcast – Microtronics 14 (2005)
  10. Amphitryon 38 - Daphne Oram Single (1957)
  11. Stereolab – Italian Shoes Continuum (1999)
  12. Francis Bebey – Tumu pakara (1984)
  13. Roj Stevens – Bongo Workout (2009)
  14. Os Mutantes – Bat Macumba (1968)

Playlist curated by The Galaxy Electric. Mixed by me.

If you haven't yet heard their fantastic album Everything is Light and Sound, you can stream and buy it from their Bandcamp page.

The Galaxy Electric – Temporal (2016)

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