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What do I have here? Could it be a copy of the compilation Girl Group Power - Histoires De Filles: Quebec 60's Go-Go Music that I have made several whimpering pleas for help in tracking down? I believe it is!

My curiosity led me to contact the good people at Aquarius Records, after noticing on their site they had this title listed as 'out of stock'. I wrote to enquire as to where this compilation originated from... but it turned out they actually had just one copy in stock - which of course is now mine!

So my lucky day = your lucky day, as I can now give you decent bitrate copies of these incredible tracks. And how could I post that great cover pic of Les Beatlettes without giving you their song from this compilation, 'C'est grâce à toi' (a cover of 'You Can't Hurry Love')? Enjoy!

Les Beatlettes - C'est grâce à toi

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  • adam  
    AAH. lucky!
  • Ion  
    Congratulations on your recent purchase! Thanks for sharing a track from it, and hope you post a few more from it before it's all said and done.
  • Marcus Estes  
    Post a track list, please! That looks soooo good.
    • Christine  
      Les Planetes - Tu M'oublies
      Les Muguettes -Concerto Pour Les Amoureux
      Les Beatlettes - C'est Grace A Toi
      Soeurs Malette - La Premiere Fois
      Les Planetes - Mon Ami Noir
      Trio Sourires - Satisfaction
      Blue Sisters - Il Va T'Aimer
      Carole Robert & Les Improvistes - Le Fruit Defendu
      Christine & Ses Copains - Mon Mini-Croulant
      Harmonic - Ou Est Passe Ma Planete
      Les Beatlettes - Reste Encore
      Les Puces - Est C'Que Tu M'aimes
      Les Planetes - Quatre Mois
      Les Alexandrins - Les Copains
      Les Dandy's - Amour Et Mariage
      Les Puces - Demain
      Les Guerrieres - Nous Ne Sommes Pas Des Anges
      Les Galantes - Mon Coeur
      Les Ingenues - Il N'Avait Que 16 Ans
      Les Puces -Dans Mes Bras Oublie Ta Paine
      Les 4 Copines - Il A Le Truc
      Soeurs Gallant - Quand Reviendra La Garcon
      Les Mysterieuses - Dicky
      Les Gamines - Vis Ta Vie Mon Gars
      Les Elegantes - Mon Soldat
      Les Minous Blancs - Oh Non Jamais
      Les Ingenues - L'Amour C'est Un Jeu
      Les Coquettes - Jimmy Mack
      Les Gauloises - P'tites P'tites P'tites
      Sirocco - Quand Le Temps Tournera Au Beau
      Les Ingenues - Oui Monsieur

      whew, there you go. great website, btw! :)

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