1. France Gall - Io Si, Tu No ('Poupée De Cire...' in Italian) (1965)
  2. France Gall - Bloody Jack (1967)

Finishing off the week with another crop of Gainsbourg songs. 'Bloody Jack' remained unreleased until 2003, when it appeared on Volume 5 of the Pop à Paris compilations. Exactly the same as 'Teenie Weenie Boppie', but with different lyrics (same lyrics as Serge's own performance of 'Bloody Jack').

Hope you have enjoyed the week!

Buy: Pop à Paris Vol. 5

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  • Gerry  
    Hey Christine ! I thought I could do you a favour by putting rare and unknown France Gall songs on a cassette, but it seems that you already know all of the "hard-to-find" tracks... :-) Nevertheless I hope you will have fun with the cassette anyway...
    Greetz: Gerry
  • mordi  
    Another fantastic FG video! I'll miss France Week- but I know that you've got loads more goodies tucked up your sleeve that I'm looking forward to! BIG THANKS!
  • martin  
    thank you for wonderful special week of wonderful france gall!
  • anthony  
    Great slew of gall songs. Merci
  • Davecat  
    That was one hell of a week. I'm spent. :-) Seriously, thanx! Especially for the video of one of my fave songs by Mme.Gall!
  • Christine  
    Thanks for all the comments, glad you all enjoyed it! The 'Laisse tomber...' video has got to be one of her best, with those great classroom scenes.
  • IanB  
    Just posted a link for your France Gall week @ RetroBabe! Had to have an excuse to post her pic, hope you get some visitors because of it !!
    • Christine  
      Thanks v. much, IanB!
      Anyone looking to get the German CD compilation of France - http://cgi.ebay .com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=7768&item=4749623268&rd=1
      Bargain! (Last time I said something was a bargain, I realised later the shipping price was ridiculously high, but this one has normal shipping rate) :)
  • bob  
    hey i just found this site and i'm glad i was able to get at least some of the france gall week tracks! great site

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